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The ACCUSCULPT is an effective treatment with visible results after two weeks when the compression slightly raised on the treated area is removed. Reducing the amount of fat takes place throughout the 3-6 months along with the shrinking of the skin caused by the production of collagen. To take full advantage of its effectiveness it is essential to follow a diet suitable.

To maintain long beauty found a body covered by a skin firmer, it is obviously necessary, proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Accusculpt is Combined with Vaser Liposelection for perfect results.

The laser-assisted hypodermic adipocytolyse is a technique that gets rid of cellulite and localized fatty deposits. It has been practiced for nearly 10 years in the world. The adipocytolyse “ACCUSCULPT” has proved its lack of side effects.

The method is approved by the FDA.

This is an elegant method, as few traumatic, allowing outpatient treatment (no capitalization, no stoppage of work, no pain, no bruising).

The ACCUSCULPT is an appropriate treatment for the following areas:
The belly, chin, arms, interior and outer thighs, love handles, buttocks, knees, ankles, lipomas, pleats bra, male breast and in some cases, the nasolabial -labial folds, jowls, fat pockets under the eyes and oval face with lifting effect.

This technique is particularly suitable for areas where a “fat pocket” to remove any undesirable by retracting the skin to prevent a skin effect shield: double chin, oval face, hips (saddlebags), the upper arms, ankles. You can also use to treat ACCUSCULPT definitely excessive underarm sweating.

Advantages of the Laser Assited Lipolysus AccuSculpt
The laser assisted lipolysis is a method of new generation more elegant but does not replace liposuction for large volumes. It is a minimally invasive method can successfully treat all areas very fibrous (cellulitis of the “jodhpurs” and waves that persist after certain cellulite liposuction, scars adherent) and sensitive areas covered by a thin fat layer and not easily accessible by traditional methods (face, arms, forearms, upper abdomen, knees and ankles at risk of bleeding).

The heat generated by the laser coagulates small blood vessels, thus avoiding bruises and hematomas. The patient feels much less pain and inflammation after treatment. It also allows a much better retraction of the skin in the treated area.

If lipolysis laser does not remove as much fat as liposuction, it is possible for large masses of fat, improve results by a second pass after a period of at least six months.

Recovery after AccuSculpt
With this technique, the recovery is fast: it is possible to return to work immediately after (lunch time treatment). It is advisable to wear a bandage or girdle slightly during 7-10 days (no contention as binding for liposuction). Little or no pain, bruises and swelling. Some patients feel after treatment of large surfaces, a feeling of fullness or bloating intestinal few as after a big meal. This helps to establish immediately a suitable diet.

During The Surgery

During surgery, your doctor injects the area to be carved, a small amount of anesthetic solution of saline, which makes the area painful and constricts small blood vessels. The laser beam is led under the skin through an optical fiber inserted into a guide end of a millimeter in diameter. The power of the laser pulses and the heat causes the rupture of the membranes of fat cells that leave so escape their fat content. A bandage may be put in place to help the skin to retract and reduce, as much as possible, the risk of hematoma. The entry points of needles used for anesthesia, heal in a few days.

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