Laser/IPL Treatment of Pigmented Lesions | Moles & Skin Pigmentation

Laser treatments can also help you to reduce moles or skin pigmentation ‘problems’ that you might have.
If you are concerned about you skin pigmentation you can consult a doctor or visit a skin cancer clinic for a check up.

The laser treatment is useful for cosmetic purposes.

Here are some facts given the the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery about this procedure:

Procedure: Reduction of brown pigmented lesions which may be birthmarks or acquired through sun exposure etc.
Length: Depends on size of area to be treated – few minutes up to an hour. May need series of treatments.
Anesthesia: Often none required, but may have anaesthetic cream or local anaesthetic.
Side Effects: Temporary redness and swelling. Possible temporary or permanent colour change of skin or scarring.
Recovery: Lesions usually darken before scabbing/flaking over about a week.
Duration: Sun exposure may produce new lesions. Birthmarks may redarken.
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