Dimples on Celebrities’ Legs

Kelly Bensimon is showing ‘leg dimples’ on her legs.

Celebrity’s Websites love to show pictures of celebrities with imperfections.

Today, Kelly Bensimon had a turn.

The Daily Mail says:

We’re no stranger to seeing her show off her fabulous figure.

But look a little closer and it’s clear to see former Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon’s toned frame isn’t as perfect as it may seem.

The reality TV star hit the streets of the Big Apple yesterday to give her famously taught body a workout.

For me it was interesting to share with you how ‘skin problems’ affect everybody (even famous stars who exercise regularly).

Kelly Bensimon is a celebrity that is seen doing exercise regularly and still has got this large dimples on her legs.

I you have a ‘problem’ like this don’t worry too much, they are part of being alive. You can think, even celebrities have them and they are still famous! If you start loving yourself more and accepting that we are not as perfect as Barbie dolls you might be less affected by a simple thing like this. You can learn better skills to be happy with yourself!

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