Pretty Legs & Body Shapes of the Stars

How do my legs have to look like?
What are the perfect legs?
How do celebrities’ legs look like?

Here is a collection of pins photographs of the stars so you can get to see how everybody is different.

In general terms I could say that slender women have slender legs and thicker women have thicker legs but some girls here prove that this theory is not always right.

Say for example Eva Longoria is quite slim and she is also very leggy too.

Emma Watson shows her young legs
Skinny legs, skinny body

Eva Longoria
Slim and Leggy

Kim Kardashian
Leggy and not too skinny

Taylor Swift
Skinny, tall and slim legs

Nicky Hilton
Skinny body, skinny legs

Rosie Huntigton Whiteley
Skinny body, skinny legs

Hilary Duff
Not skinny, thick legs

Sandra Vida
Curvy body, bulky legs

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