Legs & Butt Exercises of Top Model Doutzen Kroes

‘It’s lots of things: I box, I jump rope, I do lots of leg work, you know, to keep the butt up. I have an amazing trainer and I’m really fortunate to have that.

‘But it’s also my job. You can’t compare my life to somebody who goes to work everyday; I have to look this way.’

Doutzen Kroes

The Victoria Secret’s Star looks gorgeous on a tiny bikini. She proves that the work out routine works. Look at those abs!

Don’t you feel envy for that bikini body?

Well, as she said that is her work: to look gorgeous and she does spend a lot of time and resources than ‘normal woman’ who are busy working at the office can’t afford. So enjoy the gossip, have a look to the pics but don’t feel bad if you don’t have that washboard stomach.

The underwear model confesses some of her diet secrets:

‘I take really good care of my body. I try to sleep as much as I can, and I go to the gym a lot because my body enjoys a good work out,’ she told website Ask Men.

‘I keep my skin hydrated, and I avoid eating too many sweets or too much chocolate.

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