Leona Lewis Avoids Food Indulgence

Leona Lewis avoids food for pleasure.

Leona Lewis tries to avoid her “guilty pleasure” foods.

The British singer’s weight has fluctuated over the years but she is accepting of her body. She knows her shape changes for many different reasons, so manages it by keeping a check on what she eats. Unfortunately for the 28-year-old star that means cutting out many of the things she loves.

“Sea Salt Kettle Chips. They’re my guilty pleasure, so I try to avoid them,” she replied, when British magazine Heat asked about her favorite savory snack.

Leona enjoys cooking for her friends and family, but there are some dishes she would never attempt. As an ardent animal rights supporter, she could never stomach pan frying a steak.

“Meat, because I’m vegetarian. I try to avoid dairy, too,” she said when asked what she wouldn’t eat.

Instead, the star likes to treat her guests to some of her signature dishes.

“A vegetable stir-fry with tofu and sweet and sour glaze. Quick and easy,” she said. “I made tapas once with mushrooms in breadcrumbs, frittatas and vegetable skewers.”

Leona’s love of animals impacts all areas of her life, including fashion and beauty. She is an ambassador for The Body Shop, which doesn’t test on animals, and was astounded when she began to research beauty products more.

“I’ve only just learned that a lot of the red pigment in cosmetics is actually from beetles, and I think some of the shimmers in bronzers can be made from fish scales,” she previously marveled to British magazine Cosmopolitan.

“So I like Body Shop products; I don’t have to worry about such products in lipsticks and shimmer palettes. I couldn’t even kill a spider or a fly or anything; I’m very Buddhist in that sense.”

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