Lily James Cries over Fiery Frock

'Downton Abbey' TV series 4 press launch, London, Britain - 13 Aug 2013. Wedding Gown Caught Fire.


Lily James broke down in tears when her Cinderella wedding gown caught fire.

The actress is best known for playing Lady Rose in UK TV show Downton Abbey, but has also landed the lead role in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Cinderella.

Lily wears a stunning bridal dress in the movie, complete with elaborate skirts and Swarovski crystals. While she was being helped to her dressing room after a scene, the hem of the gown brushed against a heater and set alight.

“I wore this wedding dress for about 20 seconds before I walked past the heater and burned some of it,” the 24-year-old beauty told British newspaper The Mail, before revealing she burst into tears.

Lily’s co-star Ben Chaplin, who plays Cinderella’s father in the film, tried to cheer her up.

“He said, ‘Well, I’ll wait a while before I make the Cinders joke.’ I went, ‘Oh, no!’ And I was laughing through my tears,” Lily recalled. “I was fine. I wasn’t hurt, just a bit shocked for a little while.”

Costume designer Sandy Powell also clearly remembers the incident.

She was pleased to discover the gown hadn’t been too badly damaged.

“It had turned really cold and someone had put a three-bar heater a bit too close to where Lily was going to sit on a stool,” Sandy explained. “Luckily, just a segment of the silk dress got burnt. Thank God Lily wasn’t harmed.”

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