Lingerie Ad Banned in Australia because it degrades women

a little bit of the bra of a woman

Intended to promote sexy underwear, a Lingerie ad has recently been banned in Australia and classified as a low level of p-o-r-# clip.

The brand of the now controversial underwear is The Innerware Lingerie. It was very interesting for me to find this news in a american website. Where is the news in Australia? Just here!

What is the ad about?

Sexy face of a woman

As described by The Gloss basically, there is a woman walking up to a guy wearing lingerie and she asks, “Can you fit me?” He does a double take, she smiles kind of creepily, cut to the explanation of an event.

woman taking her clothes off

The ad was banned by Australia’s Advertising Standards Board, the reasons to ban the ad were:

- “The ad was discriminatory towards women and in very poor taste. It was highly inappropriate and had nothing to do with lingerie. ” Agree

-“I thought it was an ad for the sex industry when I first saw it.” Agree

- “I feel the ad represents low level porn.” Agree

- “It objectifies women and makes them out to be a piece of meat.” Agree

I am glad the Australian Authorities have made this decision to prevent that advertising agents and brands degrade women on tv ads that are often showcased during the most popular and expensive slots on television of the year.

Our children have to be protected from these ads.

The agency that created this tv advertisement is Crisp Advertising in North Adelaide.

I am not going to include the ad here at sydney4women but if you want to have a look to it, it has been uploaded in youtube. This is the link:

Remember you might find it offensive.

My only point now is that even when the ad has been banned the brand is getting a lot of exposure and free promotion when we all talk about them. I wasn’t sure if I had to publish this or not but I believe it is relevant that we are are more opened about our opinions and the things that we don’t like about how women is perceived. Unfortunately some celebrities also contribute to put women as a piece of meat.

Samantha Escobar from The Gloss believes that if this was an American Advertisment, the chances of getting it banned were very slow. Are we lucky then to have authorities that protect the advertising content?

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