Lip Blisters? What is Wrong with Victoria Beckham’s Mouth?

Victoria Beckham's Mouth Blister?

While all the media is covering how sensational and fashionable Victoria Beckham is I kind of noticed something ‘funny’ in her lower lip.

Is this a mouth blister?

I like to spot imperfections on celebrities because they prove how human they are. The same (and worse) things that happen to us Earthy women happen to the rich and the famous.

Even with her imperfections Victoria manages to look gorgeous ( a little bit too skinny for me) and of course Posh even in her mummy looks.

Victoria Beckham Wears Skinny Jeans and covers her face with oversized sunglasses

Harper (Victoria and David’s youngest son) is only one and just look how fashionable he is now.
Harper’s big brother Romeo has started modeling, he recently modelled in a Burberry campaign.

Victoria has been very busy presenting her new collections and she has been covered by major websites and glossy mags. It is a shame that now that she is being seen by so many cameras the star got this imperfection but this is life. She reminded me of ‘My Fat Greek Wedding’ when the bride woke up with a blister on her wedding day and as always her father suggested Windex to treat it. I wonder what treatment Victoria got, maybe just resignation or maybe it is not even a blister and it is just a funny thing in her mouth that cannot be inspected closely.

Victoria Beckhams has got something wrong in her lower lip

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