Lip Fillers for Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan showed her beautiful and innocent face at the Good Morning America Show. The famous actress shows her long and red hair that suits her nicely.

I was observing her recent picture and there are a few things that caught my attention:

Number 1. her beautiful shoes
Number 2. her sexy lips

This pictures make me wonder if the former Disney star gets her dose of lip fillers or Botox to show those kissable lips or are they natural.

I have read before that the sexy actress likes to get her dose of botox on her cheeks but those lips seem to be augmented too.

Check out her beautiful boots that make me wonder how far she can walk with them. The other day I tried a similar pair of shoes at K-Mart but I just couldn’t stand them for more than 2 minutes. I feel envy for those amazing winter shoes that help any person to look taller and stylish.

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