Lipo for Jessica Simpson

It might be a lot of money involved, but maybe lipo is just faster.

JESSICA Simpson is having such a tough time losing her baby weight, she’s reportedly planning to turn to liposuction to help get her figure back.

Jessica Simpson Still Fat even when she is dieting and exercising a lot.

The Weight Watchers spokesperson — who welcomed daughter Maxwell on May 1 — has already lost more than 40 pounds, but she still has a long way to go.

“Jessica’s weight exploded to over 200 pounds while she was pregnant,” a source revealed to the National Enquirer. “She thought losing it after giving birth would be a breeze, but Jess was in for a rude awakening.”

Jessica’s $4 million, one-year contract with Weight Watchers reportedly stipu­lates that she would forfeit payment if she didn’t lose 20 to 30 pounds by the end of August and 70 pounds within a year.

“Jessica is working hard to stay focused and keep up her willpower. She does a good job dieting most days. She follows her diet points, exercises and tries to get her brain into the diet zone. But it’s not always easy. Privately, Jess has mo­ments when she’s so distraught that she tells pals if she doesn’t lose more weight by counting calories, she’ll have liposuction when her Weight Watchers contract is up,” said the source.

“She’s never been into exercise, so the killer workouts are especially grueling for her. And for someone who gorges on fried chicken skin and mac and cheese and who thinks butter is one of the major food groups, the diet has been the hardest work of Jess’ life.

“She’s admitted to a few close friends that if she knew then what she knows now, she would have passed on Weight Watchers and just had a quick nip and tuck.

“Jessica wants to stick to her weight-loss routine, and hopes that one day she’ll start to like it.

“But if her ac­tions after the Katie Couric show are any indication how much she en­joys dieting, Jessica has a long row to hoe. Immediately after leaving the studio, Jessica went to a local restaurant with a group of friends for lunch.

“Rather than order a small, health-conscious meal, she picked off her pals’ plates, indulging on thin crust pizza, antipasto, assorted olives, flat breads with olive oil and even orange gelato for dessert.”

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