Liposelection | Vaser | A New Alternative for the Traditional Liposuction

A new alternative has come for the traditional method of liposuction: the liposelection with vaser which produces less damage and does not have side effects, such as pain, swelling when compared to conventional methods. This method is also known as vaser liposelection.

This application includes the tearing of the fat cells, using advanced surgical technique.It’s called “liposelection” as does replacing liposuction. Because the word “selection” means selecting the fat cells using a cannula which is a sort of tube with small holes at its end, connected to a vacuum which medical can be varied power. The fat cells are then removed in a jar. The surgeon liposelection precede the infiltration of products which dilute the cells to allow for better vacuum. 

Vaser: This is a very special instrument in the form of a game this instrument merits the lipid in the body.

To relocate and destroy fat cells, this method combines a new patented technology made and advanced surgical techniques. Under this method, without any diet program and no need for any exercise, fat cells can be made redundant arms, legs, neck, breasts, knees, and dorsal side . The liposelection with vaser technology uses ultrasonic energy to tear the fat cells with sound waves. While this action is executed, no damage is done simply to blood vessels and nerves.Patients prefer liposelection especially since the vaser prevents pain and swelling after the operation. Doctors have an advantage due to go on much more delicate and finer areas like the chin, neck, arms, using this method.

Vaser Thailand

Edema: The scientific research carried out showed that liposelection caused less edema, pain and swelling on patients. This method is applicable to any part of the body. This can also be used in breast surgery for hypertrophy of human glandular. Also, fat cells are effectively taken on the dorsal side of the abdomen, the abdomen, neck, lower part of chin and legs.

Shorter recovery period: Patients can return to their daily activities in a shorter time.. This method is used in 2-3 centers in Thaialnd and has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.
Another feature of this method is the identification “ultraselective” that is to say solid fat tissue. A shorter recovery is accomplished through this benefit.

Safety: The most important feature of this operation is that it does no harm to surrounding tissue of nerves and blood vessels. It can be applied to any body part, even on the face, since has very few medical complications. Local anesthesia is applied, thus the risk of anesthetic do not exist. Since fat cells are liquefied through the ultrasound, it becomes possible to make wholesale fabrics.No sutures are required because the transaction is made with very fine nozzles and thus no scar is present after the operation. However, depending on area of operation, a trace in the size of a spot may be present. The recovery operation is quick and easy since sensitive cannulas are used that do not harm the tissue and veins and vessels.

How? The area, whose fat cells are taken and the quantity to be taken, will be determined. For easy removal of fat cells, including liquid based local anesthetic is injected and then the fat deposits are liquefied and sucked through ultrasound with fine cannulas.

Before the operation

You must not consume aspirin and vitamin E in a period of two weeks from the date of operation. Do not apply cream to the body the day before the operation. 


Sports and massage can begin after one week. Proper massage can speed recovery time. Be careful to take medicine without delay or interruption. You can take your first hot shower after two days of the operation. A compression bandage must be worn for 4-6 weeks. 

Difference between VASER and Liposuction?

The differences between the liposelection vaser and liposuction: You may have heard negative comments from liposuction applied under the old technology. The liposelection vaser, which is a more advanced and secure, differs from liposuction as follows: 

Local anesthesia is preferred unless the area is very large. The fat cells are taken with small cannulas in the liposelection vaser involving very little pressure. Thus, the surrounding tissue is not damaged and wavy irregularities on the skin during the recovery period are minimized. Liposuction using larger cannulas. Since fat cells are vacuumed with a higher pressure, the surrounding tissue is damaged by the action and an image corrugated skin can be achieved. On the other hand, you can return to your home right after the operation with the liposelection through vaser. The swelling continues to exist in four to six weeks. 

The swelling continues to exist in two or three months after liposuction. The liposelection with vaser is an operation that better protects the tissues and blood vessels. The tissues are under great pressure in liposuction and so they can be damaged or bleed.

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