Lips Injections Can Make You Look Horrible

Younger or horrible?

Most women use cosmetic treatments to look younger and prettier but sometimes the results are not as great as we would imagine.

Jackie Stalone (Silvester’s mother) shows how ugly your un-natural lips may look if you insist on getting cosmetic treatment in an excessive way.

Look at her 90 years old face and decided if collagen injections suit her or not.

These are two before and after pictures.

Jackie attended the premier of the movie The Expendables 2 to support her son Sly, who was promoting his movie in Hollywood following the London premiere earlier this week.

Jackie insists on looking young as we can observe on her fashionable outfit. Who would believe that a 90-year-old lady would wear a miniskirt and super high heels like famous astrologer did.

When I was having a look to the event pics I observed how Silvester’s daughters were dressed. It surprised me that the girls look very young for those ‘big girls’ outfits and that was the point that I was going to bring it but when I saw their grandma wearing that miniskirt I thought that definitely it was Grandma who stole the cameras.

It is definitely hard to come up with a point of view because although I believe those lips of Silvester mum don’t look good and I think ageing is something we should embrace with dignity I do think that it is great that you can be 90 and still wears minis and wear high heels, feel sexy and look gorgeous. Who is there to say what grandmas can wear or not. What do you think?

By the way this lady has a great body shape and still has got a great posture!

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