Lipstick Love

MAC Cosmetics Launches Viva Glam Rihanna. Rihanna Loves Red Lipstick.


Rihanna’s brother “hated” it when she first wore make-up.

The singer is known for being experimental with her style and has even collaborated with cosmetics giant MAC on a range.

While it might be the norm to see her with the war paint on, the 25-year-old says it was initially tough for her sibling to see her grow up.

“[My mom] loves make-up! I mean, she had so much when I was a little girl, red lipstick mostly, so I always used to admire that and couldn’t wait to wear it,” she gushed to E! Online.

“When I wore it first time my brother hated it!”

The popstar says she wore make-up for the first time aged 16 and immediately loved the effect it had on her.

As well as showing off brilliant beauty looks, Rihanna enjoys wearing daring fashion trends.

She’s constantly using social media to post snaps of herself in tiny outfits and bikinis, but insists she isn’t always happy with her body.

“I do pick on my body,” she admitted.

“It’s not what I would change, because you never know what you’ll get or how you like that once you get it. It’s a thing that women do: we look in the mirror and say, ‘Is my butt getting big or is it still flat?’”

While most women would kill for a figure like Rihanna’s, the star says her behind is the one thing she’d like to improve.

When she hears a girl complain her butt is too big, she gets annoyed.

“Hand it over!” she laughed.

“That’s what I call selfish; they tell me it’s too much and I get irritated!”

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