How to use lipstick properly

Nothing finishes an outfit off like a slick of lipstick. One glide of colour can bring your hair, make-up and clothes together while making your face pop. But, on the flipside to the amazing power the humble lipstick holds, it can also ruin your look.

Whether it’s the wrong colour you’ve picked, or just that it’s smudged all over your teeth, here are easy tips to avoid falling foul of lipstick.

Firstly pick the right colour for your skin tone, hair colour and outfit. Nude lips always come back in to fashion, but choosing a colour that is the same tone as your face wouldn’t look good on anyone. Fair skin should stick to orange-based shades. Look for fruit colours that brighten your complexion without over powering. Olive skins should gravitate to blue undertones. Tanned and golden hues can underplay it with nudes, or go all out with bold. Black and Asian skin looks hot with reds and berry colours. Reds generally work well on most skin tones, but just be conscious of how your teeth look. Some shades can make your pearly whites look, er, not so white. If your lips are discoloured or stained just be aware of this when choosing your perfect lipstick.
Also it’s a good idea to remember that darker shades don’t work well on thin lips, as they make them look even thinner.

Next, treat your lips like works of art and don’t paint outside of the lines. Lipstick should look elegant and polished and not like a pre-schooler got hold of a box of crayons. A thin lipstick brush and a colour match lip liner are perfect for pout precision.

Avoid at all costs dark lip liner. This is not 1994, we are not heavily into grunge and also we don’t want to emulate drag queen make-up, which may we add looks fabulous on them, but not on us.
If you can’t find a near exact match, then go slightly lighter as this creates the illusion of fuller lips.

Once you’ve applied the lipstick, gently blot with a piece of tissue to remove excess product. Blot only once to avoid lipstick transferring to your teeth. Alternatively you could place a (clean!) finger in your mouth to get rid of any product around the edges. If you go for the latter we’d suggest you do it in private, so as not to attract any strange looks.

And finally don’t be tempted to over gloss. Not only does it feel uncomfortable – like your lips are melting – but funnily enough it looks similar to that too. Plus it’s winter, which means the winds are strong and there’s no worse beauty feeling then having hair whipped into freshly glossed lips. A very sticky situation indeed.

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