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is a common surgical procedure in cosmetic medicine with thousands undergoing the procedure each year.

It is expensive and the results are often disappointing but some new techniques in the procedure could drastically reduce the risks and down time.

The rather brutal process of liposuction is nothing new.

A fatty deposit is broken down with surgical force and extracted while the patient is under anaesthetic.

The fat cells are permanently removed but the bruising and swelling can take months to subside.

According to Dr Joseph Ajaka  Cosmetic Surgeon at the Cosmos Clinic Liposoft can help.

“It’s a much gentler technique than tradition liposuction,” he said.

“It’s much safer it’s a much more effective technique.”

While it is the same concept, Liposoft differs from its traditional liposuction by the introduction of a fine jet of water, rather than the surgeon’s brute force to break up the fat before it is extracted.

The results claim to offer less swelling and bruising, meaning the surgeon can be more exact.

Dr Jeremy Hunt from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons one of the Australian Professional Bodies that regulate the Cosmetic Surgery Industry said anyone considering cosmetic surgery should proceed with caution.

He warns Liposoft as a procedure is still in its infancy in Australia.

“Any form of surgery is an invasive procedure so Liposoft needs to be classified with all of the other surgical procedures that carry risks of infection there can be disappointing results and really it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly,” he said.

“It still remains to be seen whether Liposoft does reduce the risks.

“Certainly traditional liposuction remains the gold standard and at this stage there’s no demonstrated evidence to suggest that Liposoft is a superior treatment to traditional liposuction.”

Like traditional liposuction, prices for the procedure start at around $4000.


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