Lively ‘finds herself’ with L’Oréal

Blake Lively realised the woman she “aspires to be” during a visit to a L’Oréal Paris lab.

The actress is the spokesperson for the beauty brand and decided to learn more about the science behind its popular products. Donning a white coat and goggles, Blake embraced the opportunity to take a tour.

“Being here with L’Oréal exemplifies the woman I aspire to be,” she revealed in a video clip. “Everybody knows: ‘L’Oréal, because you’re worth it.’ It doesn’t mean that beauty is the centre of your life, it means that confidence is the centre of your life.”

The 26-year-old beauty looks stunning in the black-and-white footage, wearing trousers and a floral print top as she smiles and talks to L’Oréal scientists.

Blake believes other women would also be fascinated to learn more about how products are created.

“My generation likes knowing the story of what goes behind it, because of the internet and what is at our fingertips,” she explained. “You see the commercial and the science graphics and you think it’s just marketing. But here, you see world leaders creating such incredible inventions.”
Blake Lively wears a floral dress | Romantic Dressing Style
The blonde star also revealed that creating her personal shade of lipstick was a “dream come true”.

Blake was named as the new spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris last month.

Brand Global President of L’Oréal Paris, Cyril Chapuy, is thrilled to have her on board.

“Blake embodies all the modern codes of Hollywood glamour. She is flashing a substantial swath of upper elegance and sensuality,” Cyril gushed. “She has become a beauty icon for a whole generation with her gorgeous gold-dipped hair, luminous gaze and drop-dead smile. Today, this strong, charismatic and definitely glowing actress is joining the L’Oréal Paris family. And we’re so proud to welcome her.”

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