Longoria’s Luscious Locks Praised

Haute Living And Hublot Celebrate The Art Of Fusion With Hebru Brantley On Star Island.Eva Longoria has 'Hollywood hair'."

Eva Longoria has “five heads’ worth of hair”, according to her hair stylist.

Ken Paves attends to the locks of dozens of A-list female stars.

He and the former Desperate Housewives actress have a close relationship, with Eva referring to him as her “brother”.

Ken loves working with the American star’s never-ending hair and can’t believe how thick it is.

“Eva Longoria has about five heads’ worth of hair and it’s all her own. It’s so lustrous – it’s the definition of ‘Hollywood hair’,” he told British magazine Look.

He then gave insight into how to create Eva’s whipped-up big-impact waves.

“You can get this tousled look using straighteners. Start by prepping hair with a heat protecting spray. Point the end of your straighteners down, take random sections of hair and wrap them around one arm,” he advised.
Eva Longoria has lots of hair
“Close the iron without applying too much pressure and slide it down the length of the wrapped hair, opening it up an inch before the end. [This is how you get Eva's lived in, stretched-out waves.] Finish with some shine serum on the ends so your ‘do looks extra polished.”

Eva is regularly spotted leaving Ken’s salon in West Hollywood with silky smooth locks.

One of the reasons the brunette beauty is a fan of Ken’s work could be down to his minimalist outlook. He likes to keep things quick and easy when working with his clients.

“[My top tip for keeping hair healthy is] don’t overload it! Wash it two or three times a week, maximum, and only lather the roots to cleanse your scalp,” he recommended. “Between washes, just rinse with tepid water to remove debris. Also, everyday styling should only take 15-20 minutes. If it takes any longer, you’ve got the wrong cut.”

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