Lori Goldstein Slams Style Rules

Lori Goldstein's 'Style Is Instinct' book launch, New York, America - 29 Oct 2013. No Rules to Follow

Lori Goldstein doesn’t follow any “rules”.

The iconic stylist is the first choice for major fashion titles such as Vanity Fair and W when it comes to dressing people for photoshoots.

After 35 years in the business Lori, 56, is still keen to stay true to her own taste and unique ideas.

“I don’t like referencing. I like what comes from my imagination. I need layers, layers, layers. I don’t always know what I’m going to do beforehand because I feel like that squashes my creative process,” she explained to online magazine The Edit.

“I just don’t believe in rules. People think you have to design a certain way, or wear clothes a certain way, and I one thousand per cent disagree.”

After she finished high school Lori moved to Los Angeles and landed a job with designer Fred Segal. It was from there she moved to Manhattan and met fashionista Anna Sui, who introduced her to photographer Steven Meisel and a job for Vogue Italia.

“I was with Fred for three months, and he asked me to go with him on a buying trip to New York. I remember seeing the skyline and thinking, ‘I’m home’. I felt as if I had hit the fashion jackpot [when offered the styling job at Vogue Italia],” Lori recalled. “Steven makes you want to do your best. He’s an incredible collaborator. [I met portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz around that same time.] We always say we didn’t like each other at first… but then we realised how much we have in common. Annie is a true master.”

Lori has worked with a long list of A-list celebrities throughout her career. However, she is adamant becoming a personal stylist is not in her future.

“That’s not my thing. I never wanted to style for just one person,” she insisted. “Yes, there are celebrity stylists, but there is a whole other world of fashion and I wanted to show that.”

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