Louboutins are too pricey

Miami's Ultimate Baby Affair at Coral Gables Country Club, Florida, America - 19 Jan 2014. Louboutins are costly.

Jenny McCarthy says Christian Louboutins are too expensive for her.

The blonde star has collaborated with shoe brand Mojo Moxy on a spring style called Dusty.

One of the reasons she decided to do the project is because the “fun” designs are always affordable, which is handy for women who can’t splash out on high-end footwear.

“The look is fun and not too pretentious. The one thing I like is that all of their styles are affordable. I always joke that I want to paint the bottom of my shoes red because the Christian Louboutins of the world are too expensive, even for me,” Jenny laughed to Footwear News.

The Dusty design is a $70 ankle boot, with cut out detail and straps. It will be available on DSW.com from April.

Both Mojo Moxy and DSW will donate a percentage of sales to Generation Rescue, which is Jenny’s charity foundation that helps those with autism.

Jenny’s son Evan has autism and she’s praised the companies for the support they’ve shown to the work she does.

“They have been supporters ever since my son was diagnosed with autism. I will be forever grateful,” she expressed.

When it comes to fashion choices, 41-year-old Jenny laughs that she feels “like a man trapped in a female’s body” because of her tomboy nature.

She dresses for her mood and doesn’t let her job dictate what she should be wearing, especially when it comes to footwear.

“You know mood rings? That’s how I feel about my shoes. If I’m feeling good, I put on stilettos. If I’m feeling lazy and I’m in what I call my PMS outfit, I will make sure the shoes are comfortable,” she said.

Jenny also laughed that she is “so over the skinny jeans” and is pining for the day when the bell-bottom cut comes back into fashion.

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