Louis Vuitton Relocate Exhibition

Louis Vuitton show, Spring Summer 2014, Paris Fashion Week, France - 02 Oct 2013Vuitton Moved Exhihition to Another Place.

Louis Vuitton will go ahead with its exhibition in Russia after being forced to remove their giant suitcase.

The luxury label had set up a larger-than-life two-storey construction in Moscow’s Red Square for its The Soul of Travel display. A total of 30 iconic suitcases by the label were to be put on show in the venue, which measured 102ft long and 30ft high.

However, after Russian locals and MPs complained about the huge trunk blocking historic landmarks Louis Vuitton had to take the structure apart. To avoid postponing the exhibition, which is scheduled to run from December through to next January, the fashion house is planning to relocate.

“Louis Vuitton decided to dismantle the installation which was to house the exhibition. So as not to upset any sensibilities expressed these last days, we will present this exhibition in one of the many venues which have proposed to welcome us, as soon as possible,” the company wrote in a statement.

“This exhibition showcases some extremely rare pieces from Louis Vuitton’s heritage collections, some of which have never been shown before. As a tribute to the longstanding relationship with Russia, historical pieces belonging to the Romanov family and great Russian artists are displayed to the public.”

The company claim they had obtained all the paperwork to approve the temporary venue.

Chairman and chief executive officer Michael Burke is confident the exhibition will help strengthen the brand’s relationship with Russia.

“We have longstanding and close links with Russia. This exhibition’s aim is to further strengthen this relationship, which is important for Louis Vuitton. Naturally, this will continue to be the task of our teams in the following months,” he explained.

While they are keen to get started Louis Vuitton had to cancel the star-studded launch party scheduled for this evening.

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