Do you love all of your body?

TAG Heuer New York City Flagship Store Opening.Diaz: I love all of my body


Cameron Diaz “loves” every part of her body.

The 41-year-old actress is known for her toned physique and spends a lot of time keeping in shape.

When quizzed on whether she likes a certain body part more than the rest, Cameron was quick to give an in-depth answer.

“No, you know, the way I feel about that is it’s like saying, ‘Do you have a favourite child?’” she mused to

“If I say I like one part more than the other, than it’s sort of like saying the other one is not good enough and I don’t play that! I love them all for what they do for me and what they’re capable of.”

Cameron was speaking from the red carpet of the TAG Heuer New York City flagship store opening. She was wearing a stylish Giambattista Valli spotted fur oversized coat for the event with black tights and heels.

The blonde star chooses her ensembles according to which event she is attending and how suitable it is.

“For me, it’s all about appropriateness. It’s about dressing appropriate for what I’m doing and where I’m going and what I want to represent myself as at any given particular moment. It’s about being authentic to myself and appropriate for what I think that moment needs,” she explained.

“Like I chose this outfit [the coat] this evening because I feel comfortable in it as far as, it’s a dress, but it’s got warmth to it. because it’s actually a jacket. It’s freezing! Also I feel like it’s classy and timeless. I feel like it’s chic and elegant, but it’s also a little edgy.”

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