Lucy Liu Shares A Weight Loss Secret to Stay Slim at 44

Lucy Liu with photoshop for Fitness MAgazine

Yes, I know, this picture has got lots of Photoshop but that doesn’t mean that Lucy Liu isn’t beautiful and slim at 44.

The star covers Fitness Magazine and talks about body image.

“Part of being an actress is that people are going to judge you whether you gain or lose weight — it’s just sort of a given. But I’ve never had issues with food. When I was growing up, my family didn’t have a lot. So if there was food, I was going to eat it!”

The famous actress also shares a secret on how to stay slim at 44. You might want to consider this:

“A group of five of us – friends and friends of friends – got an e-mail chain going, and we all set goals: an ideal weight, inches we wanted to lose, eating habits we wanted to adopt. We would e-mail, saying ‘I ran today’ or ‘I ate this,’ and we’d share recipes.”

Even when we know that pictures in mags have lots of airbrushing we (or maybe I) still like to see how the glossy mags present our stars. Check out the slim legs of the actress of Elementary.

Lucy Liu | Slim and sexy at 44

If you want to see how the star looks without retouches I share with you other pics.

LUCY LIU at The Late Show with David Letterman in New York

Asian women are beautiful and Lucy proves it!

I wonder if Lucy has got any cosmetic surgeries in her face that looks very young.

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