L’Wren on Glamorous Line

Banana Republic, L'Wren Scott And Krista Smith Celebrate The Launch Of The Banana Republic L'Wren Scott Collection. Banana Republic Fun, and Glamorous


L’Wren Scott calls her new Banana Republic collaboration “fun and glamorous”.

The designer unleashed her highly anticipated capsule collection with the store earlier this month, giving shoppers an affordable alternative to her catwalk pieces.

L’Wren was mindful of the quality of the garments that Banana Republic could offer when choosing to work with the brand.

“It’s happy, fun, and glamorous. It’s a trusted brand you can rely on. I decided to partner with Banana Republic because they could deliver the quality to my customers that they love and I am excited to have a new audience,” she told Grazia online.

Drawing on inspiration from nature, music, art and books, L’Wren stars in the new campaign alongside the models.

The 46-year-old designer enjoyed the experience of being a model for the day, and is seen laughing and giggling in the shots. But she won’t be looking at the outcome of the photos she features in.

“It was a representation of how happy and fun holiday parties are with friends. I felt comfortable shooting with Carter Smith while being amongst other friends having a good time you didn’t even notice the camera. Of course as long as I never have to look at myself in the picture afterwards,” she laughed.

Her new high street line means that it’s not just the A-list that will be wearing L’Wren’s designs.

The prospect of seeing women on the street wearing her clothes is just as gratifying to L’Wren as a Hollywood actress on the red carpet.

“It’s extremely flattering and wonderful to see someone who is beautiful as well as a great goodwill ambassador. It’s always an honour,” she said of Angelina Jolie wearing her designs.

“But I don’t quantify my work by red carpet dressing. I get just as excited by seeing someone on the street wearing L’Wren Scott.”

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