L’Wren: I’m Hard to Please

British Fashion Awards, London Coliseum, London, Britain - 02 Dec 2013.L'Wren Scott isn't an "easy customer".


L’Wren Scott isn’t an “easy customer”.

The fashion designer began life in a small down in Utah.

When growing up with her Mormon adoptive parents L’Wren admits her quirky behaviour would make her mother frustrated and she still holds particular character traits from then.

“I’m not an easy customer. My attention to detail could probably drive you mad,” she laughed to fashion.telegraph.co.uk. “No [it's not the repetitive change of outfits.] That’s just self-expression. Mind you, it drove my mother crazy. She made this rule that every time I changed I had to hang everything up. It made me incredibly organised and methodical. My eye still always goes toward the single flaw.”

By the time L’Wren turned 12 she had purchased her first pair of high heels. As her mother didn’t approve of the flesh-coloured shoes she was happy to buy her daughter a more serious, glamorous pair two years later.

“That was a Eureka moment. I realised how long your legs look when your shoe matched your skin,” she smiled. “My mom didn’t really approve. She thought I was too young for heels, but she also didn’t want me to feel self-conscious about being tall. I never slouched. Slouching was not an option with my mother.”

Now she has her own successful label the 46-year-old star insists she’s not just a dresser for A-list celebrities. She appreciates women’s curves and doesn’t advise major diets as long as people dress to flatter their figure.

“We dress up to size 50. I love helping women make the best of themselves and it’s a point of pride with me that whatever your size and shape you’ll find something to wear in my collection,” she explained.

“I don’t believe anyone should have to starve themselves to look good. If you really want that packet of crisps, have it. The best thing you can do for your appearance is take care of yourself.”

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