L’Wren Scott Inspired by Glamour

Banana Republic, L'Wren Scott And Krista Smith Celebrate The Launch Of The Banana Republic L'Wren Scott Collection. Scott´s Designs  Inspired by "glamour".

L’Wren Scott’s Banana Republic designs are inspired by “glamour”.

The raven-haired designer has collaborated with the brand to create a stylish collection similar to her eveningwear catwalk pieces.

With items in shades such as wine and covered in sequins L’Wren wanted her designs to exude a luxurious, classy feel.

“The collection is all about glamour. It was very important to me that it’s fun and colourful, with lots of sparkle and shine,” she explained to British magazine Look.

The 46-year-old star also shared her tips on picking party outfits. She believes the festive season is the perfect excuse to go all out and dazzle with a lavish look.

“When dressing for a party, be yourself and make sure you are comfortable,” she advised. “Otherwise you won’t feel confident – and confidence is the key to looking great and exuding glamour at all times. During the holidays my mantra is ‘more is more’ rather than ‘less is more’.”

L’Wren’s collection is made up of 50 items of clothing and will be available in stores on December 5.

Her style is far from Banana Republic’s renown relaxed designs and the company’s creative director Simon Kneen previously spoke about how it was difficult to put a price tag on her work.

“She’s much more couture than we’d ever be. How could we make her more approachable and understandable for our customer? She wanted some of the sportswear sensibility that we bring,” he explained to WWD.

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