MacDowell Praises Fit Females

Andie MacDowell and daughter Rainey Qualley out and about, New York, America - 03 Dec 2013. Andie MacDowell Looks Amazing on the Red Carpet

Andie MacDowell thinks women are “fitter” now.

The 55-year-old actress still looks amazing and shows off a trim figure in her show Cedar Cove and on the red carpet.

Andie, who has given birth to three children, believes modern women are far more fortunate when it comes to looking their best.

“These days, women are much fitter at 40 or 50 than they used to be,” she explained to German magazine MYWAY.

“The difference between my generation and my mother’s seems huge to me. We know a lot more about looking after ourselves. We care a lot more about our fitness. Of course we have far better beauty products and diets at our disposal now. Women are also a lot more independent than before, which means we feel great and therefore look great.”

Andie revealed she gets nine hours sleep every night and works out for an hour every day, whether that be cycling, jogging or yoga.

However, the Groundhog Day star has no interest in slowing down the ageing process.

“When you’re an actress, you have to let growing older happen, otherwise you won’t be convincing in roles,” she smiled.

“If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can even do that while still looking great!”

The star has spoken out about the ageing process in the past.

She doesn’t believe it’s anything to worry about.

“The worst thing about ageing is that most people treat it as a negative,” she recently argued.

“Damn it, I think we should be celebrating every age!”

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