Madonna on Moon Diet?

Swear by the Moon. Madonna is wearing a warm coat.


Madonna and Demi Moore are said to “swear by” the Moon Diet.

The latest Hollywood craze sees followers eat according to the moon’s cycles, which is said to affect the water contained in the body because of the gravitational pull it exerts.

The diet starts with a 24-hour fast, which sees followers only drinking water and juice when there’s a full or new moon. It also states that you should stop eating when you’re full and no food is to be consumed after 6pm.

During the waning moon, when it decreases in size, fans of the diet drink lots of water to flush out toxins.

“Madonna and Demi swear by it and claim to have seen promising results. It’s big in the Kabbalah community and there’s no denying they both look pretty good on it,” a source divulged to British magazine Grazia.

The diet is meant to help you shed 6lbs in 24-hours, but critics have pointed out this is because you’re fasting.

It’s said to cut food cravings too, working on the theory that the moon can impact your mood.

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell also points out that this is not an easy diet to follow for ordinary women, who don’t have the help of assistants like the stars do.

“Even if there is some truth to it, somebody like Madonna probably has assistants who can help her make this diet work. But most women simply don’t have the time and would be better off just exercising a bit more and cutting out sugar and junk food if they want to lose weight,” Amanda told Grazia.

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