Madonna shows no wrinkles at 55 | Botox is the secret?

A beautiful smile and a rejuvenated face

Is Botox the secret of Madonna?

JustJared covered Madonna recently opening a new gym in Berlin.

Madonna: Hard Candy Fitness Club Opening in Berlin!

Madonna attends the grand opening of her Hard Candy Fitness Club on Thursday evening (October 17) in Berlin, Germany.

The news of this famous woman was very interesting for Sydney4women since we cover fashion, fitness and beauty. It caught my attention that for the Daily Mail the interesting topic was that her face looks super young: no wrikles at 55.

Frozen in time: Madonna appears ever-youthful with noticeably plump cheeks as she attends Hard Candy gym opening in Berlin

With her beguiling face and toned body she often seems young than her 55 years.
But Madonna seemed noticeably plump of face when she attended the opening of Hard Candy fitness club in Berlin on Thursday.

The star’s cheeks looked remarkably smooth and full with the singer having applied a highlighter blusher to bring a shimmer to her cheekbones.

Facial close up of Madonna shows no wrinkles at 55
Madonna is loaded with botox or fillers. Her face looks very smooth and shows no wrinkles around her eyes.

Whatever she does the super famous singer looks gorgeous from head to toe. Her body looks amazing and toned.

Madonna's leather outfit
Madonna shows an amazing body. We can admire her nice butt and good posture.

Express talks describes the outfit that the mother-of-four was wearing to show off her slender figure. Madonna was wearing a pair of black shiny pVC trousers which she teamed with a matching jacket and fingerless gloves. Madonna completed her look with a pair of black stilettos and a chunky belt as she smiled for the cameras.

About her face Botox might be her secrets. Would you consider Botox as an option for herself?

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