How Magazine Models Affect The Way You Feel About Yourself?

Magazine Models act as “models” a model to follow.

Do they make us feel bad about the way we look when we see how perfect they are?

Do you feel fat when you look at a magazine with a model like this one?

Look at the bigger picture below

Models are models and that is their work, they spend so many hours to look the way they do when they show their faces to the public. Of course if you spend 4 hours with a team of make up artists and fashion experts you may look like a model too. The fact is that you are not a model and you have to accept it.

Remember also that models and celebrities work is to sell their image so they have to go under the knife for a plastic surgery very often, they receive all different kinds of cosmetic treatments.

Plus the photoshop factor. Images are not what you see, models are not as perfect as you may think. Magazine covers do not show you the models wake up face, the images that you see involve many hours of photoshop work plus all the make up, plastic surgeries, cosmetic treatments that you would not imagine.

We are perfect as we are. It is okay to feel good about yourself and do something for you. Wear some make up, play with your hair, dress to look great, there is nothing wrong with that but never let images from the media to deteriorate your self-esteem.

Las mujeres no somos gordas ni necesitamos vivir siempre a dieta

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