Male Celebrities that Have Gone Through Cosmetic Surgery

So many names of male celebrities that have gotten a Facial Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgery is getting more popular among men, though nowhere near as many are having it as women. In order of popularity, men are having nose jobs, eyelid surgery, and liposuction says Dr Antell, spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Other popular male cosmetic surgeries that not much is said about them are: Male Pecs and Genital Male Plastic Surgery. I am sure not many celebrities would make it public.

Sylvester Stalone

Sylvester Stalone has got a Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Hollywood star with plastic surgery

The English Famous Singer has also got a Nose Cosmetic Surgery

Male Celebrities with Nose Job: Sting

Tom Cruise is on the Male Celebrities that have had a Nose Job

Tom Cruise: Nose Job Before and After

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey has had Botox

gordon ramsey english cheff gets botox to reduce his facial wrinkles
The celebrity chef was injected by Simon Cowell’s face doctor after the Britain’s Got Talent guru poked fun at him reports The Mirror.

Brad Pitt chose Demal Fillers

Actor Brad Pitt underwent wrinkle filler Radiesse injections to make his face look younger and smoother, a source for the Enquirer divulged says FameWatcher.

brad pitt face with possible restylane dermal fillers

This image was taken on January 2011 you can decide if you believe he has gotten demal fillers or not.


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