Managing Stress Better

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Believe it or not we need stress in our lives to keep on moving, we need the motivation to get the results.

That is why so many people who win the lottery go through different psychological problems because they do not have the stress anymore to bring the bacon home.

Stress is our friend but it can be our enemy too!

It is important to remember that STRESS can be our friend too. So let’s keep in mind the following:

Stress can be a positive, motivating force that enables us to do things, to perform well; in fact, it enables us to survive. Stress gives us energy and improves our performance. It is a certain amount of stress that enables us to get out of bed each morning, or to cross a busy road without getting run over!

A total absence of stress, or very little stress can cause us to feel listless or unstimulated. This is the positive aspect of stress.

On the other hand stress becomes our ENEMY when the levels of stress that we experience put in danger our physical and emotional health.

” If stress exceeds a certain level – and this level is different for each one of us – it can impair our performance, and play havoc with our body, our mind, our health, our behaviour and emotions. When this happens, we begin to perceive our environment as too demanding, and feel unable to cope. ”

What causes stress?

We have to be able to identify what is causing us stress so we can bring those undesired levels of stress to a more normal level.

Many people tend to blame work, lack of money, business not going good, peers behaviours but they do not bother spending some minutes do identify what is what is really causing them stress.

Most of times the reasons for being over stressed are in within us.

- Setting up very difficult goals to achieve
- Believing that everything we do has to be perfect
- Not understanding the big picture of things

If we are able to identify what is causing us stress we can implement some strategies that would help us reduce the stress and set up goals that are achievable so we can experience the sense of achievement.

Understanding that we are not perfect and that life in general doesn’t have to be perfect help us to understand that it is okay to do our best but we don’t have to be perfect. Not even trees are perfectly straight or fruits have a perfect shape.

If we give ourselves sometime to understand the big picture we could feel more relaxed if we play the: What if questions…?

What if I don’t achieve this today ____________________________

You can be able to understand that the consequences are not as terrible as you believe so you can relax and manage stress better.

We have to learn how to manage stress so we can be happy with ourselves with what we are performing.

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