Marc Jacobs’ Hashtag Treat

British Fashion Awards, London Coliseum, London, Britain - 02 Dec 2013.  Get hands on the new scent, 'Daisy'


Marc Jacobs is letting customers pay with “social currency”.

The designer is launching his new Daisy fragrance, which comes in gorgeous pastel-coloured bottles with a flower-adorned top.

Now fans of the brand could get their hands on the new scent for free by buying it from a so-called Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop.

In exchange for a Twitter post, Instagram picture or Facebook message hashtagged # MJDaisyChain the pop-up shop is offering freebies, according to

For those wondering what Marc Jacobs gets out of this – it’s free marketing for the label and its latest addition to the Daisy chain.

The shop will pop up in New York during Fashion Week, and it’s expected to open February 7-9.

A lounge, nail art area, photo booth and food and drink are all on offer in the store.

In addition to this, there’s free Wi-Fi for customers to tweet and network to their hearts’ content.

The best Instagram photo of the day could also win a handbag by Marc.

A further way to bring attention to the new perfume is Daisy Day, which the company has marked as today, January 28.

In New York, Berlin and London there are specially dedicated people handing out daisies to lucky people who happen to be passing by.

There will also be the chance to win one of the new fragrances.

It seems Marc is keen to connect with a younger audience of late.

The star of his Spring 14 campaign is 21-year-old singer Miley Cyrus, a favourite with young girls all over the world.Daisy by  Marc Jacobs

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