Mariah Carey Boob Job Has Become A Sensation

Mariah Carey Slimmer in 1996

Maybe Mariah’s weight gain contributed with the increase of her bra size or maybe it is that the star has got large size breast implants in a cosmetic surgical procedure or procedures.

Mariah Carey Big Breasts have implants?

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Mariah’s boobs were big but not huge as we get to see them today.

Mariah Carey in 1997 | Slim, Sexy and Smaller Boobs

We have other pictures of the singer and judge now that show how her breasts were smaller before.

Bigger Breasts?

The mother of two has never been very shy about the large size of her breasts.

Mariah Carey's Boob Side Pics

These boobs have not always been this big. Look at her in this older pictures.
Mariah Carey Smaller Breasts | Old Picture

This is a full body picture of the star when the star was younger.

Mariah Carey Full Body when she was younger

VH1 publishes this pic of Mariah Carey glams it up with an up-do and a pink dress at the 1991 Billboard Music Awards in 1991. [Getty Images]

MAriah has been through a lot of transformations. Her face looks very plastic now, her body has become wider and she has said good bye to her pretty curly hair.

Mariah Carey's Body in 1992 | Slimmer Days
This is Mariah Carey in her slimmer days back in 1992.

We don’t really know when the singer got her implants if she did but certainly her boob cleavage didn’t look as voluptous as it looks today.

Mariah Carey Before the Implants (MAybe!)

In 2000 Mariah’s body looked busty but not exaggerated.

Mariah Carey Back in 2000 | Breasts and ABs

Do you believe Mariah has had plastic surgery or are these huge breasts totally hers?

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