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VARIOUS.It's important to start with a good quality product .


Mascara is such a widely used beauty product, most women probably don’t think twice when applying that magic wand to their lashes. But the way you use your mascara could make the difference between clumpy lashes and gorgeous eyes. We’ve created a step-by-step guide to framing your eyes the right way.

Firstly, it’s important to start with a good quality product that will deliver results without causing irritation. We like working with Eye of Horus’ Goddess Mascara, which has a very gentle, natural formula. Moringa Oil is rich in vitamins and helps strengthen your lashes as well as adding length and volume. It also has an anti-clogging formula, which means no unsightly lumps.

In order to get the application right, it’s important to start at the root of the lash, as this is where mascara can create the most volume. Wiggle the wand through from left to right, as this zigzag movement ensures all your lashes are covered.

If you’re worrying about clumps, there are other measures you can take along with picking a no-clog mascara. A lash comb can be used post mascara application to separate them and make them look more natural. You can also use a tissue to wipe the wand before you do your lashes, as this will minimise clumps. Apply second and third coats of mascara while your lashes are still wet from the previous application, as clumping will happen if they’ve already set.

If you want your lashes to look even thicker, you can also try mixing up different products. Use one layer of lengthening mascara and then apply a coat of thickening product to get the look you want. Another tip is to draw a thick line of black eyeliner along the lashes, as this instantly makes them look fuller. Eye of Horus’ Liquid Define gives a sharp line and dries super quickly, making the process very easy.

As mascara is a liquid, it makes sense that it needs a powder to set it in place. Once you’ve applied your coats, tip your head back and very lightly dust on some black or brown eyeshadow, depending on the colour of your lashes. This will keep it in place much longer than usual.

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