Masectomy Also Touches Famous Women: Michelle Heaton

michelle heaton breasts before masectomy

Michelle Heaton is back and looking great after having a masectomy just a few weeks ago.

The 33-year-old underwent surgery for a double mastectomy nine weeks ago after discovering she had the mutated BRCA2 gene, this meant she had up to an 80 per cent chance of getting breast cancer.

The Liberty X singer has now revealed she’s still getting used to her new breasts.


This is what she told New! Magazine:

new! magazine: ‘I do have to massage my boobs daily so they don’t get hard because what’s inside is effectively a foreign body, so I just have to make sure nothing seizes up.
‘All is good with them, I can’t complain, but I still have no feeling in them at all – they’re a little bit like Play-Doh.
‘He (Hugh) loves them, he’s very impressed! I still haven’t really let him explore so he’s waiting until he’s allowed.

It is a very sad story that a beautiful and sexy woman like Michelle had to have her breasts ‘removed’ to avoid cancer but it is also a good news that the star prevented herself from getting cancer.

This is just a good reminder that every woman can be hit by cancer and prevention is the answer. I don’t mean getting a masectomy if you don’t need it, I just mean checking yourself as often as necessary. If you discover cancer early your chances of survival are higher.

Other stars that have survived breast cancer are: Olivia Newton John, Kylie Minogue, Kerri-Anne among many others.

Michelle Heaton Boobs Before and After Masectomy

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