Massage Away the Years

Facial Massage an Anti-aging.

It’s the anti-ageing secret that’s right at your fingertips.

In fact, according to top holistic therapists, targeted facial massage could be the most effective way to give your complexion a youth boost.

With its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, facial massage has been practiced for more than 1,000 years to maintain health and beauty.

The idea is that a series of hand manipulation techniques actually relax muscles and increase circulation – thus rejuvenating the skin.

“An anti-aging facial massage works on many levels,” explains top holistic therapist Mandy Penalver.

“It relieves tension that has built up in the facial muscles and encourages lymphatic drainage.

“This stimulates the blood flow, which oxygenates the skin tissues and aids in the release of toxins and congestion,” she adds.

The massage works by stimulating certain points on the face to relieve any blockages in the underlying energetic system, and specific techniques are designed to stimulate the connective tissue which helps with elasticity and firmness.

“One of the main reasons an anti-aging facial is so effective is because the treatment is so deeply relaxing,” says Mandy.

“I believe that stress is one of the biggest ageing factors we face, so relaxation is important.

“For this reason I always incorporate some meditation into the treatment.

“Anti-aging is usually approached from an entirely physical stand point, occasionally from a mental one, but very rarely from a spiritual one, and this is my particular area of interest,” she adds.

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