McConaughey’s Acne Lawsuit

Film Society Of Lincoln Center's Of 2013 Luncheon.Matthew-McConaughey Filed a Lawsuit

Matthew McConaughey filed a lawsuit after hitting puberty.

The Mud actor suffered with oily skin as a teenager, so his mother suggested he use mink oil to treat the problem.

But an adverse reaction to the oil left the star with severe acne, and he had to be placed on medication in a bid to ease the condition – so he wanted to sue the company.

“Three years before I got this award for Most Handsome [guy, in high school], I’m a teenager, I’m 15 years old. Oily skin, you got a few pimples and stuff. Well, my mom is peddling this stuff, the oil of mink…” Matthew told Jimmy Fallon on his TV show.

After using the oil for a few weeks Matthew was told all of his impurities would be pulled out of his skin.

He was also told that he would never have a pimple again, but that wasn’t the case.

“Well the impurities start coming out and I start getting quite a few pimples, getting them full on, and I’m starting to get a little nervous here. After two weeks I’ve got more pimples than I’ve ever had. Cut to a month later and I’m doing it every day and I’ve got full blown acne and when I wash my face it’s bleeding,” he continued.

“So someone in my family got the bright idea to do something about that and we filed a lawsuit.”

He went to the dermatologist who asked what he’d been putting on his face and was told that the oil was just clogging up his pores and if he’d used the oil for two weeks longer he would have to have had surgery to for the scars on his face

Two years later the verdict came in that the case wouldn’t be found in Matthew’s favour as he was voted most handsome at his high school.

Laughing about the experience, 44-year-old Matthew cursed his good looks for losing out on a windfall for his acne.

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