Megan Fox Before and After Cosmetic Surgeries

I wish I had the before and after birth pictures of Megan Fox that everybody wants to see now. Unfortunately, I don’t have those yet. You can see her pregnant body here and enjoy the 2004 VS 2010 pics of one of the celebrities that has spent more money in cosmetic surgery. It is believed that she has spent more than $60,000 dollars in cosmetic procedures. We can see below some pictures that show her transformation through time.

This is a 2004 Picture of the actress where we can see that her boobs were smaller, her nose was not as pointy and she still had a lot of freckles. In the 2012 image the Hollywood actress proudly shows big and round boobs and her face looks like she had a total transformation.

Comparing two pictures of Megan Fox in 2003 and 2010. It is hard to know if she had a boob job because those large breasts are from a pregnant woman. Mega is pregnant in this picture and our boobs grow when we are expecting a baby. It is interesting to see the comparisons in her pretty face. How she looks now and how she looked before.

InTouch Magazine has reported that Megan Fox will never be happy with the way she looks:

Men think she’s a sexpot, but Megan Fox will never look good in her own eyes.

Botox, eyelid surgery, a nose job, cheek fillers, laser skin resurfacing and lip injections are just a few examples of the dramatic measures an expert believes Megan Fox has taken to alter her appearance. “I’m insecure,” the Friends With Kids actress recently admitted. “I [hardly ever] look at myself, even in still photographs.”

Even though her rep denies she’s had work done, a friend of the star tells In Touch that ever since Transformers director Michael Bay replaced her in the franchise, she’s become even more obsessed with her looks and has taken her quest for perfection to extremes.

“She was terrified that losing Transformers was bad for her career, so she decided to transform herself into what she believed to be beautiful,” the friend reveals. “Now she looks like an entirely different person.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida estimates Megan, 25, had up to $60,000 worth of work done, and as as result, looks much older.

Despite some of her closest friends begging Megan to stop messing with her face, the star seems trapped in a vicious cycle. “She can’t seem to pass a mirror without scrutinizing her appearance,” says her friend. “She’s always looking for ways to enhance her looks.” Clearly, she doesn’t believe in the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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I don’t want to think how Megan will feel about cosmetic surgery now that her body has been transformed after being pregnant.

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