Men with Muscles Are Better

British Fashion Awards, London Coliseum, London, Britain - 02 Dec 2013.Versace prefers men with muscles.


Donatella Versace likes working with beefy men because they have more energy.

The Italian fashion designer knows menswear is of vital importance to her business so has ramped it up over the years. She is specific when it comes to the male models she will cast in shows as she has no interest in the slim physiques many fashion houses are using.

“We have 20 models with exclusivity, and 90 per cent have never done a show before. I see those guys as dynamic, and full of energy. I like energy. A guy who weighs 40kg has no energy,” she laughed to British newspaper The Independent.

Donatella took over at Versace after her brother Gianni was shot and killed in 1997. Initially she struggled with menswear, admitting it took her a while to understand the pieces should be “powerful” just as Gianni had created them.

“That was a problem I had. I was confused for a while. I made a mistake. Then I rethought everything again, and now Versace men is really Versace again. I am surrounded by impossibly sexy men,” she laughed. “Sorry! That’s my reality! How can you think about not making them sexy?

“I love being surrounded by gorgeous guys. The thing is, they don’t know, not one of them know they’re gorgeous. They’re so humble, so totally different from the women’s world.”

The designer also spoke of the aesthetic she goes for in her menswear collection. She isn’t interested in making guys look pretty, instead she wants their masculinity to shine through.

“We have no horses, so they have motorcycles. Renegades. Both are a very strong reference in Versace fashion, so I took those elements and tried to rework and make them contemporary. Lots of leather, lots of denim in different washes. The thing I like the most is the Cuban heel – I like the Cuban heel in every shoe. I was looking at a guy in a Cuban heel walking – like a real man! Like a Marlboro man!” she gushed.

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