Messy look of Tyra Banks Rocks

Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks thinks she looks “cool” with messy hair.
The supermodel’s latest gig is a shoot for the Philippines’ fashion magazine Mega.
She’s shared several pictures on Twitter, including a close-up portrait, which shows her gazing at the camera with wet hair falling into her face.
While Tyra might not look as preened as normal, the 40-year-old is a fan of her dishevelled style.
“So U know when UR hair’s in UR face but looks kinda cool so U leave it. @mega_magazine! (sic),” she accompanied the shot.
She also included a picture of herself in a floor-length black gown with a leather top.
The star enjoyed wearing the frock but found its style less than practical.
“(Super)model jump during my @mega_magazine photo shoot? CHECK! Gorg dress was so long, I may or may not have tripped (sic),” she admitted to her followers.
Another snap showed Tyra in a velvety black dress.
She’s pulling a moody face and her pose sees her with slumped shoulders.
“Nothin’ wrong w/ slouching while U stand as long as U R posing 4 @mega_magazine! Otherwise, stand tall, stand fierce! (sic),” she joked.
The model knows how to have fun and added a picture of herself pulling a silly face while on the shoot.
It seemed like Tyra enjoyed her time on set and admits she acted a little crazy for the camera.
“#BTS @mega_magazine: Whatchu know about Mega Magazine?! Actin’ a cray fool right b4 heading to set 4 my 1st shot! (sic),” she posted.

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