This is a relatively new technique used to resurface and smooth facial skin. It is based on completely different principles to those of traditional dermabrasion and has a much safer profile.

The main indications for this therapy are:
• Environmentally damaged skin and sunspots.
• Age spots and fine wrinkles associated with aging.
• Acne with blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes.
• Scarring and acne scarring

Is it painful?

There is minimal pain and discomfort experienced for normal facial resurfacing purposes.

How does it work?

A fine jet of aluminum oxide crystals are sprayed over the surface of the skin and removed by vacuum extraction, together with the superficial layers of the skin in a closed circuit. This results in the cleansing of the skin and unplugging of the pores with improved support of the skin by increasing blood flow, oxygenation, and new collagen formation in the subcutaneous tissue layer. Medical microdermabrasion allows for a deeper peeling of the skin by increasing the flow and the vacuum pressure as well as changing to coarser crystals.

Together with facial rejuvenating skin care products it is a very safe and effective alternative to chemical peeling.

What does the treatment involve?

A course of 6-12 treatments are usually necessary depending on the indication for treatment.

Results are usually evident by the third treatment and improve steadily with subsequent treatments which are usually due at two weekly intervals although this can be varied according to needs.

What precautions do I have to take?

Treatment is inadvisable when Accutane (isotretinoin) has been used.

It should also be delayed in the presence of skin infections and cold-sores.

Avoidance of sun and the use of blocking creams are recommended during the healing period.

Eczema, moles, precancerous and other undiagnosed skin conditions need to be checked by a medical practitioner or specialist prior to initiating treatment.

How will I feel after the treatment?

The skin remains a little red and warm for up to 48 hours. Skin care advice is given at the time of treatment and appropriate cleansers and creams can be included in the course of treatment if required.

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