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Microhydrabrasion is a clinical vacuuming system that exfoliates surface dead cells with aluminium oxide crystals that are adherent to the treatment wand. The treatment also uses streams of filtered water are used to achieve deep cleansing, helping to loosen pore plugs and wash away soluble debris whilst adding hydration to your skin.  The benefit is that it also acts as a cooling agent to leave a calming effect during and after the treatment.

 traditional microdermabrasion can have quite a drying effect on you skin

Microhydrabrassion is recommended because moisturised exfoliated skin is far more receptive to nutrient treatments.

Micro hydra dermabrasion can be combined with a nutrient masks (vitamin B5 for more hydration, or our Coffeeberry Mask for pigmentation) or combined with a vitamin infusion, accelerated with ultrasonophoresis, to maximise penetration of the vitamins into the dermis.

Microhydrabrasion can also be combined  with Omnilux red light therapy, itself healing and itself collagen stimulating.

In Sydney you can get a Microhydrabrasion Treatment at Cosmetic Clinics.

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