Midirings the latest trend in accessories

beautiful hands showing a collection of midis

Your hands can have a totally different look just by picking the right accessories. Midi rings is the latest trend.

Total Beauty talks about this fashion trend that will give the wow factor to your hands.

“Midi” is the new maxi. Midi skirts, midi dresses, midi rings — the new fashion trend has done away with extremes and found its stylish place at a super chic happy medium. These rings are placed (you guessed it) mid-finger, either between or directly on top of the knuckle. Worn stacked or alone, these rings are the now accessory on runways and red carpets.

Celebrities like Rihanna have adopted the trend.

Rihanna wears midirings | Facial Close Up & Curly Hair

This trend is quite cheap, you can buy midis from $5 dollars from online stores or from the markets. I believe this is the fashion accessory that will help you stand out from the crowd. It is daring but simple and easy to wear!

A beautiful hand wearing a heart midi ring

This image shows how a midi will compliment your entire outfit, not only your hands. It will be that element that will make you look good and different!

UrbanOutfitters has a nice collection of midirings.

This is what Cosmo Magazine says about this lovely thing that all women want to have:

Much like midi dresses, which stop between your knee and ankle, midi rings are meant to be worn midway between the tip of your finger and your first knuckle.

They’re quite possibly the cutest, chicest, and most subtle way to accessorize your fingers, they’re stackable (just like bangles), and we can’t get enough of them.

Face and hands of Vanessa Hudgens wearing multiple rings

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