Miley thrills cat designer

Miley wears a cat outfit | 2013 American Music Awards - Show

Markus Lupfer says Miley Cyrus “rocked” his cat designs.

Miley wore the designer’s tiny feline print two-piece ensemble when she performed at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

Designer Markus took his inspiration from people ripping off his pieces, thus being a copycat. His Spring/Summer 14 line A-Meow-Zing got a global audience after Miley debuted the print on stage, joined by a giant crying cat that was projected on to a screen behind her while she sang her hit Wrecking Ball.

The London Fashion Week designer was overjoyed with how “fabulous” Miley looked in the outfit, surpassing his expectations.

“We had been in touch with her team and were aware that she would be wearing it. But it was even more amazing than I had hoped. She looked fabulous! I liked everything. She rocked it! It’s such a fun print and worked with her performance perfectly,” Markus told GraziaDaily.

“It’s always great to see your clothes on such a global stage and was the best possible way to start a Monday morning.”

Miley’s stage outfits often shock, and have become more and more revealing since she shed her Disney star image.

Recent raunchy stage outfits have included a white fishnet dress, with her nipples modestly covered with black tape for the iHeartRadio Festival in September.

German born Markus commented that “Yes, this girl is a bit of a rebel,” and her attitude is in fitting with his latest creations.

There is also a range of iPhone cases with the instantly recognisable cat print embossed on them.

Following her performance Miley took to twitter to tell fans “I’m so PC. #pussycat (sic).”

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