Mindy Kaling against ‘stick’ figures

ELLE's Women In Television Celebration - Arrivals. Are you against  stick shape?


Mindy Kaling is proud she’s successful without being an “emaciated stick”.

The 34-year-old actress is the star of The Mindy Project and is celebrated for her positive attitude towards her body.

She recently spoke alongside Reese Witherspoon at the It’s Our Turn: Young Women’s Conference at Brentwood School in LA, where she shared some words of wisdom.

“I get so worried about girls with body image stuff,” she said.

“And I feel like I have been able to have a fun career and be an on-camera talent and be someone who has boyfriends and love interests and wears nice clothes and those kinds of things without having to be an emaciated stick. And it is possible to do it. In life, you don’t have to be that way and you can have a great life, a fun life, and a fulfilling love life.”

The Mindy Project has elevated the star to worldwide fame and she even appeared on the cover of US Vogue recently.

However, critics slammed the glossy fashion magazine for making the picture black and white and featuring only Mindy’s face, rather than a full-length shot.

Luckily the actress doesn’t worry too much anymore – she just wishes she could have adopted this approach earlier on in life.

“I would tell my teenage self to chill out a little bit,” she smiled. “I have a lot of responsibilities right now, but the anxieties I felt as a 16-year old girl were much more than I do now. I was a little skittish.”

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