Miranda Kerr’s Beauty Secrets

There are a few things that you don’t know about Miranda’s beauty.

1. Miranda uses a cheap oil made in Chile for her face at night

2. Miranda practices half an hour yoga every morning

3. The Victoria Secret’s model has a very healthy diet

4. Flynn’s mum endorses a brand of rosehip oil through her KORA Organics range

5. Miranda is 29 years old and gave birth to her son last year

6. Orlando’s wife has said she drinks Tahitian Noni Juice

7. Another beauty secret of Miranda is the lip balm that helps give her eyes a lift when rubbed below the brow, and the back of the spoon can achieve the same results as an eyelash curler

8. What we don’t know for sure about Miranda is if she has gone through cosmetic surgery or not.

After giving birth Miranda has recovered her body completely, the model doesn’t seem to have not even a stretch mark and her boobs look fuller if we compared them to how she looked before being pregnant.

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