Miranda Kerr’s Super Flat Ab After Having a Baby

Here are the pictures that everybody wants to see of Aussie Model Miranda Kerr after having a baby.

Yes, she still has a great body.

Her tummy is flat and she wears now a bigger bra size.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr gave birth to her first baby 3 months ago.

The top model’s famous body has undergone some changes, now the Victoria’s Secret model has a new sexy body with more curves.

Miranda who is only 28 years old, showed off her enhanced cleavage and flat ab in a photoshoot in Malibu in a strappy purple bikini by Zingara Swimwear and white mini dress by Lorie Lester.

Miranda Kerr After Having a Baby

She hasn’t reveal what she is doing to get this great shape. Miranda has given away her secrets for loosing weight, read them here.

Breastfeeding could be the reason for the size of her larger breasts.

Miranda Kerr Breasts Enlarged

If you observe with detail the pictures of Miranda with the white dress you will be able to see that there is still a bit of tummy there but her boobs are so big that you would rather check her bust rathern than observing her ab.

This is how she looks now compared to those pictures taken by Grazia Mag when she was so skinny.

Miranda Kerr Before and After

Miranda Kerr 2009 VS 2011

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