No Make Up for Miranda and She Looks Even Prettier

Is make up necessary to look pretty?

Previous research has found that too much make up puts men off. Image consultants suggest that less is more. Pictures of stars give evidence of how pretty women without make up can be.

The thing is that we are so used to see them with tones of make up that the day we get to see them with their washed faces it looks as if their real beauty had vanished. This is not the case for Miranda Kerr who looks gorgeous anyway. Miranda has got a rare and natural beauty that doesn’t need tons of make up to look great. The supermodel actually always goes for the natural look (even when she has make up on).

This picture is not on the news because of her lack of make up, the media is talking about how we can sneak a peek into Miranda’s famous breasts. I think this is funny, the Australian top model will show it all (full bra and underwear anyway) so why creating such a scandal for a cleavage. What I found was interesting in this image is that the Aussie star looks even more beautiful like this. I believe Orlando’s wife looks very innocent without her full make up done.

Other beauties that we got to see without make up for the Victoria’s Secret catwalk on Wednesday evening for the lingerie brand’s annual fashion show are:

Our sydney4women beauty tip is:

Never overdo your make up. Use make up regularly to bring the best bits of yourself out but it is better to keep your make up with a natural look. Miranda Kerr is a good example to follow.

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