Miu Miu moves to France

Miu Miu is moving most of its operations to France.

The Milan-based fashion brand announced on Tuesday that several of its departments will be relocated to the French capital of Paris.

“A number of departments will be transferred to Paris, while the brand’s industrial and commercial divisions will remain in Italy,” the statement says. “The objective of this operation is to solidify Miu Miu’s ties within the city of Paris by expanding its marketing personnel within France.”

Miu Miu was created by legendary designer Miuccia Prada, who also helms the Prada label. Although both brands were based in Italy, Miu Miu has been showing at Paris Fashion Week since 2006. Prada continues to show at Milan Fashion Week.

Last year, Miuccia admitted she feared that Italy’s status as one of the fashion world’s most influential places will soon be dismissed because of the continued scattering of high-end labels.
Miu Miu show, Spring Summer 2014, Paris Fashion Week, France - 02 Oct 2013
“With the sale of our luxury labels to foreigners, our entire system risks falling into second league,” she said in a rare interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“If our brands cross the borders, the credit, glamour, fame and decision-making is in the hands of others and we are abandoned, downgraded.”

Miu Miu’s parent company Prada SpA has been focusing on expanding the brand and promoting it as a separate entity from the Prada label.

Last month, the group signed a deal with Coty Inc. to create Miu Miu fragrances. The scent is due to be released in 2015.

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